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Core Values of Kerala become weakened: Sunil P Ilayadam

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Sharjah: The basic values acquired by Kerala through various renaissance become weakened, says Sunil P Ilayadam, the well-known Writer and speaker. The concept of Kerala is formed from the human values of equality and brotherhood that no other land in India can claim. When the idea of Kerala emerged in the forties, Malayalees as a modern society had built a different way of life. The values acquired by the Kerala society were not formed suddenly. This was achieved through decades of renaissance work occurred. The egalitarian thought of Kerala was formed by many factors such as national movement, labor movement, caste annihilation, missionary work, and religious and social reform movements. To modern society, the growth of Malayali in post-independence was very fast after.

Ambedkar raised fraternity as a great political concept during the discussion of constitution-making. Fraternity and equality do not occur naturally in any society. This vision can be seen at the point of the formation of Kerala. Ambedkar understood that the concept of fraternity is essential if the dignity and integrity of an individual are to be manifested in society. That is why he included it in the constitutional principle. Modern Kerala is distinguished from other states by the fact that it has been able to build a social order that upholds the value of the dignity of the individual. The non-state workers flowing to Kerala are not only attracted by high income, but beyond that, they get human opportunity and dignity. But if we observe the contemporary life of Kerala people, we can see that there is an onslaught in the opposite direction. This points to the collapse of the sense of values that Kerala has built up over decades – says Sunil P Ilayatam.

He was speaking at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair on the topic ‘7 and a half decades of Kerala evolution’. Conscious activities take place to convert religious consciousness into social consciousness. An attempt to replace the sense of justice with care beyond oneself. The Kerala concept of equal dignity for all human beings is slowly being eroded. Faith in God is used to divide people instead of changing it for the good of people. The forces of dividing are changing the core value of belief in God. Modernity is really thinking that others have a right to live like themselves. Every Keralite needs to think about whether we are a modern society in the new era. One has to wonder if a Malayali throws garbage on other people’s land and roadside and defines as modernity.
A society that has acquired so much knowledge is in the grip of hatred, grudges, and superstition. The purpose of democracy is to change this. Ambedkar has defined democracy as the right not to be persecuted by differences. Democracy is about protecting the rest. One has to wonder how much room there is for dissent. Here the Gods are turned into forces of division. The feeling of brotherhood needs to be cultivated in Kerala. The value of love against hate should be illuminated. No further revival activities are appreciable. He said that on this 75th anniversary, every Malayali should think about whether we can maintain the basic values of revival.

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