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The love from people gives me energy: Usha says

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Sharjah – Indian pop singer Usha Uthup says; the love given by the people in the world of music is her energy throughout her life. Many people say about difficulties in their life. I only think about happy moments in my life. Life should be made beautiful like sublime music. Usha Uthup also said that by keeping aside the negative thoughts, she awakens positive thoughts in her daily life.
She was interacting with the audience about her musical career at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair. Life doesn’t always have to be easy. But every smile should become a light of goodness within us. Every laugh from the audience is converted into energy while standing on stage. Enjoy every moment. She said that is the success of her life. Professional and personal life should be separated. Both have their own levels and different spirit. Music does not mix in family life. She turns into a housewife when she comes to the family from among the eager audience. Doing housework and spending time with family members will be a unique experience. What I want to say to the new generation of women is to practice building a happy life without mixing work and family. No matter what work is done, one should be honest as much as possible. Try to maintain it whether at home or at work. Usha Uthup said that she used to do the housework herself.

The Sharjah Book Fair brings together various ideas and is awe-inspiring. Like books, music combines diversity. Music and languages know no boundaries. The reason for singing in more languages is that singing in local languages gives more enjoyment to the audience. Finding more joy in learning more languages and singing through them. In response to the question, Usha Uthup answered that her life is beyond the fences of religion. She participates in the celebrations of all religions. Usha Uthup also said that she is surprised to see what is happening in the world in the name of religions. Usha Uthup entertained the audience with her speech and laughter and moved the audience by singing four songs. Media worker Srishti Jha, who authored the English version of Usha Uthup’s autobiography ‘The Queen of Indian Pop’, hosted the event.

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