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Interactions on social media Annoys: Joseph Annamkutty

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Sharjah – Joseph Annamkutty Jose, a young writer, and radio jockey say negative interactions through social media are annoying. Now the situation, where peace is lost when sharing thoughts and experiences through social media. Whatever is said, they all going to lead to controversy and problems. It has a definite soul when spoken on the radio. Now the best content is experienced at radio events. Joseph Annamkutty said that he pays more attention to writing and radio and gets good satisfaction from it.
Jose was interacting with readers about his writing style at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair.

He also released the cover of his third book ‘Sneham Kamam brandh’ on the occasion. Jose said that as he gets older, his convictions change and he undergoes changes in his writing and speaking. Social media scams are becoming more and more convincing. Often the video is known to lose its soul later. He said that social media needs to be carefully monitored as sometimes dangerous environments are created. There is a four-year gap between his first book and his new book. It is better to give readers more time to understand the writing. This book contains the story of 15 people based on emotions that affect us daily. This is the step towards fiction. They are stories written about the lives of many people who have seen them in person. Joseph said that his mother wrote the introduction.

We want to tell the new generation that they should have the heart to accept defeat. Don’t waste time unnecessarily fighting defeats. Move with reality. One should have his own point of view when evaluating something. It is not right to follow the opinions of others. This is what is happening in social media right now. Stick to his skills. Religious matters are personal matters. Religious belief is acceptable as long as it doesn’t bother others. Joseph also said that it is better to keep sex and spirituality as private matters.

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