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Malayalees who watch movies seriously: Actor Jayasuriya

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Sharjah – Famous Malayalam Film Actor Jayasuriya says that the Malayalee community is serious about movies, whether it is comedic movies, whether it is a comedy or a story or story. The Malayalee audience cannot be fooled by showing something in the movie. Exaggerated heroes or villains like those seen in other language films are not accepted in Malayalam. The Malayalam audience evaluates the plot, camera, and editing of each movie. Jayasuriya said that this is unique to Malayalam and for this reason, most Malayalam films are meticulous in their making. He was interacting with moviegoers at the 41st Sharjah International Book Festival.

Good films are often born out of good company and friendship without ego. We need cinema groups that give and receive comments. Most of the superhit films in Malayalam have come from great friendships. Prajesh Sen has had such an experience. It was a different experience when I played a character in a film that was like water. Murali is a character who lives among us. Knowing that this character inspired many people was an unforgettable experience in film life. This caused great upheaval in families. It has helped many people quit drinking. When one person changes, a family is saved.

This will benefit society. This is no small matter. It is a challenge to portray living characters in a film. He introduced Murali in the water after hearing about him from others. The same is the case with the portrayal of football player Sathyan. Jayasurya said that he sees all this as God’s blessing. The aspect of good characters portrayed cannot be taken down from life. Each character is kept at heart. There are characters living among us that the world should know about. Someone should play the character of Ashraf Thamarassery, who is engaged in a unique service in the diaspora. The world should know such people. It was when VP Sathyan was introduced that people including himself understood his humility.

In response to a question, Jayasurya said that Malayalam cinema will soon switch to comedy. At one time I was interested in thriller stories. Now that is changing. He also said that his next film will be a comedy. The films that were planned during the Covid period are now coming out. Most people like movies to laugh and have fun. After the film Katanaar, he will act in a comedy film. Jayasuriya said that the third part of the movie ‘Adu’ is also coming. Prajesh Sen, the director of films like Captain and Vallam, who presented Jayasuriya with the best actor awards, was also present.

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