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Chup… Something I cannot chup about…. !!

Written by themediatoc

I read in a blog:

“A good rule of thumb for guidance is praise in public, criticize in private. Public criticism tends to trigger a defensive reaction and makes it much harder for a person to accept they’ve made a mistake and to learn from it.”

This is for child development and if a film is a child of a director, then it holds true for film reviews too. Though I did not hear much about the movie “Chup” I decided to watch it., being an R Balki movie and the first of its kind, a thriller genre.

The movie began well and took the right pace. The choice of actors, the presentation style, and the flow of the movie are commendable, though considering it is a Balki movie, it is more expected. The characters play their part so well. Be it the investigator by Sunny Deol, SSSP character Zenobia by Pooja Bhatt, or the blind mother character by Saranya Ponvannan. It seemed like clockwork and so well woven into the fabric of cinema.

Kudos to DQ, for the role he has donned in the movie. The care he shows for the flowers and his art is well conceived. The two teas, self-talk, the double plate of Pav Bhaji, and the way he adores movies all are intrinsic in the film, yet stand out showing the mettle of the actor. The movie speaks loudly well as to why DQ was chosen for that character. Shreya Dhanwantary plays her part perfectly well especially nearing the climax.

The art of the artist, the artistic touch in murders, the script and the lines of reviews, the art, music, cinematography, editing and coloring, and RR departments have worked like the fingers in a palm.

The tribute to Guru Dutt, as a filmmaker can’t be more befitting than this. The story with the songs from “Pyaasa” and “Kaghaz Ke Phool”, the way the scenes are woven with a striking similarity to those scenes, and the flashback that brings to light the story of Guru Dutt and Sebastian Gomez needs to be applauded.

Though the name of the movie is Chup… I cannot be chup about it… So I decided to tell the world the way R Balki speaks the language of cinema and Salute the filmmaker and his choices in casting, music, and shots. If you have not watched it, then you are missing a landmark film in Bollywood… no… in Indian Cinema with a salute to a great filmmaker from another, in the reel as well as real life…

As the custom goes… a really interesting film… 5/5 stars…

Adv Kriss Venugopal

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