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Instability & the unbalanced nature of life is the beauty of living the one.
Look at mother nature, 365 days aren’t the same. There is winter, summer, and rainy. With time, it never forgets to come up with a change and that’s what makes mother nature look beautiful the way it is. We see hurricanes, floods, drought, and whatnot. This is the unbalanced state of mother nature.

Our struggle for achieving an equilibrium should continue; the bar of our desire to pursue better living should consistently keep on increasing.

The day when everything gets stable around us & we attain a balance state, their life calls for an end.

The graph of happiness vs sadness might not follow the same pattern throughout the journey. It will keep varying with respect to the time, but at the same time, I’m pretty sure about the fact that you wouldn’t regret being an extraordinary human being. Showing up the courage to reject the mediocre life and dare to walk on a weird path is an actual deal. That’s what Wim Hoff does each second of his life. It demands all your time, energy, emotions, and sacrifices. I mean everything that you’ve fallen for. Everything.

Applauds for the folks who have been continuously changing the norms of living a good life
Based on their own terms, also face certain difficulties & circumstances respectively. Full Stop.

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